About Ridgeline Fasteners Ltd.

At Ridgeline Fasteners Ltd. we have over fifteen years experience in importing, distributing, stocking and supplying fasteners to the manufacturing industry. We know how to meet your company’s supply needs for every kind of fastener. We recently expanded our warehouse operations to the Calgary area, and are ready to stock and deliver the Class C items to you when you need them. If you are looking for uncommon or off-standard items that are hard to source – we can find them. If you need a large volume of inventory on just a few items, we can stock them. And if you are looking to move to a lean manufacturing model, we can look after all of your Class C inventory needs – from sourcing to warehousing to bin stocking – through our Vendor Managed Inventory system. In these competitive times, companies at the leading edge are lean in every sense. Working with Ridgeline Fasteners gives you a triple advantage: you won’t have capital tied up in Class C inventory. You pay for stock as you need it. you’ll save on valuable warehouse space - we stock it for you. you’ll still get the best price – because we order and stock large quantities.

Ridgeline Fasteners: Hold It Together

Class C products, such as fasteners, are not the most important item in your inventory. Until you run out of them. An out of stock nut can shut down a line just as much as an out of stock motor. Most purchasing departments don’t focus on getting the best price for class C items – they are just not that expensive. But this can be a costly mistake. Try our pricing on fasteners, and see how much you’ll save. If you want to save even more, take a look at our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system. With VMI, your savings on stock price is only the beginning. You’ll also see savings in your purchasing department, in accounts payable and in the warehouse. And you’ll always have guaranteed stock on hand – when you need it.