Vendor Managed Inventory with Bin Stocking

The BUSINESS EDGE includes a complete Vendor Managed Inventory system. The basis for this system is the creation of bin labels for each VMI customer. The data for the Bin Labels is either entered or uploaded to The BUSINESS EDGE. Bin labels that are printed by the system include the customer bin location and
either the customer or vendor part number. They can also include the minimum and maximum for the bin. Beyond that, with the full Able Label integration, the labels can include a drawing of the part as well. These labels are affixed to the customer bins.

Palm Pilots or other portable devices with integrated scanners are then used to create the orders. Often Computer Insights clients will have their salespersons take the orders, while in other instances, the end user customer actually scans the bins. In either case, the order is uploaded to The BUSINESS EDGE server with:

  • Internet via Wireless
  • Network or WIFI
  • Bluetooth to a Cell
  • Phone or a PC
  • USB cable to a PC

An order is automatically created in The BUSINESS EDGE from any of these sources. The system also supports Consignment Inventory. During the entire process, no one has to key in or write down a part number. The order is perfect because it is based on information that was provided by the system in the first place.

The result is exceptional customer service and a huge reduction in work. The whole system is designed to be used by non-technical people so it is easy to implement.

Customer Bin information is seamlessly integrated into The BUSINESS EDGE. Labels are printed out directly from The BUSINESS EDGE (including Able Label) and Handheld devices are loaded with up to the minute information from The BUSINESS EDGE

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